Mod post of doom here

Hey, guys.

Game's Closed.

For now.

This RP's been dead for a few weeks now, and we don't have time to mod this game right now.

For those still interested, don't worry; there will be an update when we decide how Codice will run from now on. The plot is very liable to change, however.

002 - Mello

It's so much nicer in this slice of hell when it rains. Whenever it rains, everything just looks so much better the next day. Why is that? Because the top layer of filth is being washed away. The only bad thing about it is the fact that metal rusts over.
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~*006 - Usagi*~

I'm home sick today.  Sigh . . . .

Usually, it's nice to be stuck home in your pajamas and watch TV, but Mama's not here to pour me cold juice, give me medicine, or take my temperature like last time.  Where are they now?  Maybe Mama's trying to hold Shingo back from spitting over the edge of a famous building.  It's a shame to miss that.  At least Luna's here, but my head's fuzzy and my stomach hurts.

Maybe I should've put on a jacket last night before going to the Burger Gut.

Anyway, if anybody's checking their QUANTUViS, it would be fun to talk to someone.  If not, it's time for a nap.

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This has been the longest week in the history of the world! Between school work, my job, and Rin getting sick I've been on a marathon running between all three places.

...I feel bad for all those athletes.

Anyways, my boss should be leaving early tonight, so if you want some food, for free, come to Burger Gut between 9 and 11.
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==006== Suoh Tamaki

Blah! I haven't posted on here in FOREVER. I suppose I rarely feel the need to write a journal...
Too much goes on in my life for all that.

Not really, I'm horribly bored; someone help me PLEASE

Buuut... I've made alot of new friends recently. Alot of them through this thing, actually! It's great!
I know when I first got the update and was able to write these things and such, I was in a 'oh please
let me find new friends' mood--And I got them!!!

So, if you may or may not recall, I've been on the search for a job... But then a new friend of mine,
Mr. Guy, made me realize that I really CAN be a model! Atleast on the side! I mean, seriously,
you should see.

Dont lie, guys.

So I think soon, I shall start looking around for a good talent agency or something like that.

Actually, scratch that, I have no idea where to start. I don't suppose anyone knows about the
modeling business, do they? I know I may LOOK like a natural at this, but I honestly have
no idea! This will be so much better than a simple cashier job! Forget math; I have my body!

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Flame 01 - Asch

I didn't think it was possible, but it appears the people in St. Jerome's are even more useless wastes of space than the people working in the mansion.

I'll save you drecks the wasting of my time. I don't want to talk to you. I don't want you to talk to me. I don't care who you are, I don't care what you want. Just stay out of my way and we'll have no problems.
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[001] sanae hanekoma

My QUANTUViS was actin' a little sketchy yesterday morning. Must of heard me threaten to crack it open though, 'cause it's been workin' fine since then.

I need a new coffee pot. I'm pretty sure I've paid all of Letter Green's overhead costs since it broke last week.

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Six-Haruno Sakura.

Well, shit.

My paycheck got halved because the hospital is experiencing monetary issues, and I'm just a medic-in-training, and therefore the first to suffer.

So, I'm looking for another job, and the pay has to be enough so that I can survive (which includes paying bills and all that other lovely stuff since I'm a high school student living on my own). Does anyone have any suggestions?